Review: Dragon Slayer: The Collected Edition Vol. 1

Dragon Slayer: The Collected Edition Vol. 1

When it comes seeking “getback,” does anyone ever really get the revenge they seek? Wars are fought on perceived slights that may have been just misunderstandings. When people feel they have been disrespected they often seek to level the playing field. Retribution is never even keeled, even when one gets it. The taste of it is never enough.

Revenge is not as sweet as one perceives and rarely does the object of your disdain ever feel the way you want them to. As Snoop Dogg’s character in Baby Boy said: “No One feels sorry for you Homie”. This hate is what pushes you to the edge. In the first volume of Dragon Slayer, we get a tale of revenge and the three protagonists seeking to do so.

We meet El Diel, a mysterious outsider, who feels the weight of royal sovereigns and their power of over the kingdom he inhabits. We also meet King Aldebrand, a glory hound of a ruler, who savors the spotlight, and wants to destroy the beast of legend, a dragon, no matter the cost. As the dragon lays waist to their kingdom, all the inhabitants including Aldebrand’s soldiers encounter loss worse than they ever imagined, which leads the King to meet the Dragon in his lair with El not too far behind to get his own revenge. By book’s end, the two men face off in one epic clash, where they learn more about each other and themselves than they ever have before, leaving one to meet his ultimate end and the other to change his life for the better.

Overall, a powerful story of how revenge drives some men and what it ultimately means for those who get caught in the heat of battle. The story by Devin Kraft is layered, action packed and affecting. The art by Kraft is beautiful. Altogether, a great story that shows how revenge ravages everyone who seeks it.

Story: Devin Kraft Art: Devin Kraft
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy