Review: Blake and Mortimer Vol. 5 The Strange Encounter

One of the joys of being a reviewer is I sometimes get to read/watch new content before it gets released to the masses. As I have read, to this point, hundreds of books which have entertained me endlessly and provoked thought about issues I would not normally engage in. The world learns through art and art often reflects the truths no one wants to directly say. I also get to review television shows weeks or months before it premieres.

One such show is the reboot of Roswell in which the original show revolved around three aliens who look like humans and whom are at under constant threat of being discovered. The show both entertained the novelty of alien species as well as balancing it with teenage angst. As the world has been obsessed with life beyond space, even making our current president wanting to know what is out there. In the fifth volume of Blake and Mortimer, our intrepid heroes head to the United States to solve the mystery of a man who disappeared more than a hundred years only to be found dead.

We are taken to 1777 and a descendant of Mortimer is fighting for the British during the American Revolution, amidst a battle, he sees three streams of light, and instantly disappears. Fast Forward 177 years later, and we find Blake & Mortimer headed to the United States, as their assistance is required in both identifying a mysterious body and finding out exactly what happened to it. Eventually they have mysterious men follow, with interference at every turn, as we soon find out that the U.S. military is working against them, as the pair finds more questions than answers in their discovery. By book’s end, our heroes find out the truth and Mortimer gets to bury his ancestor in the way he should have been.

Overall, it’s an excellent fish out of water story for this pair that more than dips into the science fiction genre but adds a dash of panache. The story by Jean Van Hamme is tense and action packed. The art by Benoit is breathtaking and appropriate. By story’s end, this adventure gives Blake and Mortimer the jump start they needed and what their fans enjoy about these comics so much.

Story: Jean Van Hamme Art: Benoit
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy