Get Out and Vote Today!

Today, Tuesday, November 6 is the US election and we’re encouraging everyone to get out and vote if you haven’t done so already. We know this is an election where emotions are running high and it’s really not an exageration to say this is the most important election of our lifetime so far. There’s numerous Federal and State races, but don’t forget the local races, ballot initiatives, bonds, and more to vote on. Some of these may set the direction of the country even more than the President! Every elected position impacts you and this is your chance to voice your opinion and have a say as to who represents you.

You still have a lot of time to figure out everything you’ll be voting for and Local Vote has a handy website to find out what you need to know in voter guides. If you need to find your polling place or what’s on your local ballot Vote 411 can help.

Most importantly, get out and vote this Tuesday!