Review: 30 Miles of Crazy #6

Where people want to live seems to come down to how you were raised and what you might consider “creature comforts.” Those comforts might be an inconvenience for the next person. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in both cities and suburbs. I also have been deployed as a service member and know how it is live in what most people would not even consider a dwelling.

This is where seeing the world makes a difference. It impacts the way one sees the world and relate to people from different backgrounds. Life is what you make it and that applies to the relationships you have with the people you come across as well. The world doesn’t revolve around one person but instead it does around all the people who inhabit it. In the final issue of 30 Miles Of Crazy, we get one last ride for fans of this anthology series.

In “Sometimes That Is Just Enough,” one homeless man laments on his life and how he got in this position. In “A Good Person,” one woman trying to do something nice ends up in a really awkward situation. In “The Old Lions,” one bar owner runs down he history of his establishment and how long it has been in his family. In “Sweet Caroline,” one man tells a melancholy tale about a prostitute that has longed stayed in his mind after she passed. In the final story “The ZFLTG Club,” a roundtable of women discusses the struggles of being a woman.

Overall, it’s a fine set of stories that rounds out this hilarious and relatable comic series about living in a metropolis. The stories by Karl Christian Krumpholz is entertaining and smart. The art by Krumpholz is remarkable and magnetic. Altogether, an excellent end to a fascinating series that redefines slice of life stories.

Story: Karl Christian Krumpholz Art: Karl Christian Krumpholz
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy