Review: 30 Miles of Crazy #4

Bars can be lonely places. But, it’s a place where you meet people from all walks of life. Sitting in the same bar you might find things in common. I’ve met some lifelong friends in places where spirits are involved just from simple conversations we had about life. In fact, some of my noteworthy conversations have been in places with hardwood floors and familiar smiles. This is also some of the places where I said goodbye to friends.

Some of those goodbyes were merry as they were moving on to improved jobs. Then there were the ones where I said goodbye for the last time. Those were melancholy to say the least. Bars can be epicenters for moments in life that need to be recognized. In the fourth issue of 30 Miles Of Crazy, we find a few patrons whose lives has taken some interesting turns.

In “Pickup Line,” a man who gets hit by a woman in a car, tries to actually “hit” on her. In “The Incident at The Family Dollar,” an overzealous geriatric calls the cop on a patron who accidentally bumps into him. In “Decisions,” a young woman checks on a homeless person who they believe may be dead. In “Crawfish,” a drunken woman lashes out at a restaurant to only get arrested moment later. In “Alone,” a young woman shows the reader what is dreadful about eating alone in a restaurant.  In “Wake Up,” two drunks try to get a drink after last call, only to try to get their drinks from a tattoo parlor. In “That Night,” one man recounts when trying to be the good Samaritan didn’t quite workout the way he wanted. In the last and probably most sorrowful tale in the series “Seeing The World,” one widower talks about how him and his wife were going to see the world until she got sick and passed away and how took to seeing the world for both of them.

Overall, the issue is another excellent installment in this fascinating series of vignettes about life in the concrete jungle. The story by Karl Christian Krumpholz is smart, funny, and relatable. The art by Krumphol is captivating. It’s another great issue with keen observations of the city.

Story: Karl Christian Krumpholz Art: Karl Christian Krumpholz
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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