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Review: 30 Miles of Crazy #3

That old saying “you can go home again,” is one that so many can relate to in their own way. It could be that they’ve changed. They’re no longer a product of their environment, and they have grown exponentially since they left. They’re just not the same person. The place they call home could not be the same place. Neighborhoods change all the time, not only through developments but also the myriad of people who now inhabit what you consider home.

This becomes even more difficult the older you get. You realize you’re still the same person, but you’re no longer tethered to what you considered home. To most people, they don’t realize it once they leave home, your change has already begun. The world forces you to change along with it. In the third issue of 30 Miles Of Crazy a few characters find out this lesson the hard way.

In “Appropriate Behavior,” one drunk intentionally flirts with a barfly only to step over a line. In “Humor,” a cartoonist talks up a drunk woman who makes a bad joke. In “Late One Evening,” a couple gets a stranger inadvertently wet for their mistake. In “Spare Change,” a homeless man makes a woman uncomfortable for not giving him any money. In “Please,” a heartbroken man pleads for hi solve to take him back. In “The Christmas Comic,” a man helps a drunk cross the street only to be cursed out by him. In “You Cant Go Home Again,”  a drunk woman frustrated with change at her local bar , feels the place is not the same. In “Making The Rent,” a woman laments on how her neighborhood is not longer affordable for her. In “Drinks With A Dead Man,”  a man leaves it in his will to have one last round of beers for everyone at his favorite watering hole.

Overall, the comic is a hilarious set of stories that both bewilder and amuse the reader into stitches. The stories by Karl Christian Krumpholz are smart, funny, and irreverent. The art by Krumpholz is stellar. Altogether, it’s a slice of life comic that captures the experiences that can be found in most major metropolises.

Story : Karl Christian Krumpholz Art: Karl Christian Krumpholz
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy