The Venture Bros. Podcast: Season 7 Ep 7: The Unicorn in Captivity

This week’s episode, “The Unicorn in Captivity” is a perfect illustration of why we do this podcast: it is rich with Christ symbolism and Kubrick references. The episode is named after and significantly features one of a series of High Renaissance unicorn tapestries I just so happen to have studied, set in NY’s none-more-goth museum, The Cloisters.

This is the Venture Bros. podcast for people who want to dig into the narrative parallels between our two unicorns; Rusty Venture and The Monarch as well as the symbolism, the history and philosophical questions raised by the hit Adult Swim cartoon.

Steven Attewell examines the episodes’ commentary on sci-fi genre paradoxes via Warren Ellis and Fantastic Four comics. And OSI is no longer just a spoof of GI Joe, it’s a critique of the military industrial complex.

So join us! Here or on Graphic Policy Radio’s iTunes  or find all of our Venture Bros episodes on this playlist (plus Episode 6 which is here).

And comment or tweet me here if you have thoughts about this week’s format. We went long this week. I promise you it’s worth it.