Jamie Foxx is Spawn!

After months of speculation as to when the new Spawn film will happen and who will star, we now know the answers. Jamie Foxx will star in Spawn, the reboot of the classic comic series. The Blumhouse film will be directed by Todd McFarlane, his debut and he’s the creator of the character. Foxx has been talking to McFarlane for five years to play the role.

Foxx will play Al Simmons, a CIA black ops member who is betrayed and makes a deal with the devil to become a Hellspawn.

The comic series was one of the launch series for Image Comics in the 90s created by Todd McFarlane. The budget for the film is reported to be between $10-12 million and the film will be R-rated.

McFarlane is taking a horror spin that blends what is real and what is nightmare on the screen avoiding retreading an origin story.