Review: 20XX: When the Devil Drives

When I was in the military, deployments are par for the course, as just about all of us must leave our families for extended periods of time. We would visit some beautiful countries where we could hardly believe we do this for money. Countries like Colombia and France, made deployments, even easier to endure. Then there are countries where we realized right away how lucky we were.

One of those countries was Turkey, where we saw some unbelievable poverty all around its cities and amongst its people. One of the things we soon found out after entering the country, is that government ran compounds, where to pay off family debt, the female members off the family would pay it off by having sex with tourists. Looking back on it now, it makes wonder how would a government let debt be paid this way? In Ken Lowery and Jake Ekiss’ When the Devil Drives, family debt is paid by much more dangerous means.

We meet Clinton, a man whose family owes a large debt to a corporation, much like credit card companies, and must pay off his debt by being a data carrier, carrying this data from one place to another. He has to run from gangs and mercenaries, all trying to get this sensitive data, from Clinton. Along the way he uses his smarts and his onboard computer, Clippy, dodging bullets just to help his family. By book’s end, the revolution is televised and digitized, as Clinton and Clippy ends the oligarchy that rules their world.

Overall, a smart, sleek, and breakneck paced hard boiled tale that fumes with action. The story by Ken Lowery feels like an action movie, like a better Escape from LA. The art by Jake Ekiss is gorgeous. Altogether, a tour de force which will leaves readers wanting more.

Story: Ken Lowery Art: Jake Ekiss Color: Ruby Boiko, Jennifer Furman
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation:Buy