Interview with Rebecca Epstein, Author of “Gently Murder Me” a Diary Comic, LIVE this Monday

We’re talking with Rebecca “Rae” Epstein about her promising debut graphic novel Gently Murder Me. It’s a diary comic about the inability to connect with the person one most wants to connect with in the modern, technology-filled world. Writer Rebecca Epstein’s words are enhanced by Kathryn Briggs’, Blakely Inberg’s, Edgar Vega’s, and Mary Safro’s varied and equally skilled styles in the first four volumes, which involve full diary entries. The fifth is a collection of illustrations done by 9 artists, giving readers a peek into a lonely mind. Sad and dark, but relatable, Gently Murder Me seeks to find definition in the world through human longing.

Listen to the conversation LIVE this Monday on Graphic Policy Radio at 10pm ET.

We’ll talk with the author about her unique approach to making comics as well as her critical writings.

Listen to the show live this Monday.

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