Review: Diskordia #3

Neil Gaiman’s psychedelic Sandman, portrayed the world as it is and how it could be. The art and the storyline melded so well together, that it feels like a lucid dream. Every issue was not only about a story but the world of stories. The mere “keeping up” with the storyline could be taxing on the reader, as at times it felt it was on me when I read the seminal series.

As with all epic stories, there must be a source of conflict, something that pushes the story forward. Sometimes, that conflict can be as simple as sexual tension. Other times, can tension between friends and/or family. Then there is the one type of conflict, which if portrayed right, can be excellent, a fight.

In this issue, Iverna Diskerna, a multimillionaire, still being interviewed by Vernon Cutter, has a first seat view to war between Iverna and someone who has come to be known as the Nightmare King. Jackal also is also being introduced this world he has found which is known as the Bone Desert, which happens to be in a constant state of Dreamtime, a concept explained by Squid Girl, who he is still trying to figure out as well as what he stepped into. Before the end of the issue, Jackal, finds out exactly how “dreamlike” it is. Also, Iverna is on her way to take the battle to the Nightmare King.

Overall, “the calm before the storm”, which is a great setup for the next issue, and leaves the reader wondering where he is going next. The story by Rivenis is entertaining and absorbing. The art by Rivenis shows his influences throughout. Altogether, an excellent third issue that will keep the reader guessing.

Story: Rivenis Art: Rivenis
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy