Review: Diskordia #2

To keep an audience’s attention throughout a book, movie, or comic strictly is a difficult task.  To keep that audience’s attention strictly on dialogue is an even harder task. This is no to say it is impossible, but words and their intention must engage the reader enough stay just for it. Some of the best writers in the world can hold a room just on dialogue, so it is understood dialogue is as just as important as prose.

One of the examples is A Few Good Men, which was written by Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing fame, which is intriguing as a story but also works because of the dialogue. Another example is Glengarry Glen Ross, which if anybody gets to see is a powerhouse drama, with multiple leads, and strong dialogue. The last example is Interview with A Vampire, written by the immortal Anne Rice, which is expertly written but thrives mostly on banter between the two main characters. This brings me to the second installment of Diskordia which is excellent dialogue.

In this issue, we are introduced to Iverna Diskerna, a multimillionaire who is being interviewed for a piece, by a reporter by the name of Vernon Cutter, who uncovers more than he bargained for. Instead of a recluse elitist, he finds about a world he had never known. The issue also gets into Squid Girl’s origin, where the reader finds out that she used to be a moss maiden. How she gained human form, is straight out of a Tales from The Crypt episode, as it is just as eerie as one would never believe.

Overall, an unexpected turn in tone and in the story as what the reader uncovers in this installment will make you wonder what twist is coming next. The story by Rivenis is very much multifaceted and intriguing. The art by Rivenis, continues to show his range and the limitlessness of his imagination. Altogether, a great second issue that will keep the reader guessing.

Story: Rivenis Art: Rivenis
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy