Review: Diskordia #1

Coming of age stories are always interesting to read as outsiders normally tell them. Those individuals who most of society does not see and does not necessarily fit in a certain category. As these people are normally light years ahead of their peers and do not know it, until years later when thy become adults. The first coming of age story, that caught my attention, was the movie, Cooley High.

This story captured what it is to grow up in those surroundings, facing challenges that would otherwise make you a statistic, and rising above that to make a way in the world. As simple as those hurdles sound, it is far more difficult than one would ever imagine, as growing up in those surroundings, really if I was not able to join the military, who knows where my life would have taken me. Since that film, there has been many coming of age tales, like Boyz N the Hood and American Me, which explored similar issues. This brings me to Diskordia, a surreal fantastical coming of age story, that revisits these issues in the debut issue.

We meet someone that goes by the name of Jackal, a typical teenager, who gets labeled as crazy and who happens to be growing up in a thriving metropolis replete with mass marketing everywhere, He ends up getting bullied by a group of thugs and gets friendly with a girl by the name of Penelope. He also deals with teachers and counselors don’t know what to do with him, but just when it seems like a typical coming of age story, takes a spectacularly weird twist. Before issue’s end, he runs into a serial killer and a demon, which leads to him being surrounded by police for the murder of another student, forces him through a toilet bowl and what he thought was a psychosomatic frenzy but leads to a wondrous new world.

Overall, an entertaining and unexpectedly story that takes the reader on a strange ride. The story by Rivenis is complex, relevant, and more than challenges the reader’s perceptions. The art by Rivenis is simply beautiful as his exposition within sequential art pushes the boundaries. Altogether, a trip worth taking that the reader would enjoy more than they would ever expect.

Story: Rivenis Art: Rivenis
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy