Webcomics Weekly: Anti Christ

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s spotlight on webcomics, where we take a look at one of the many comics available online every Monday: Webcomics Weekly (but don’t be fooled by the “weekly” part of the title; the feature may happen more or less frequently than that). We’re defining webcomics as any comics published online for free consumption by the general public that doesn’t require a  subscription service.

This week we’re taking a look at Anti Christ. The strip is created by James Mascia, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the webcomic below.

Graphic Policy: In a nutshell, can you tell us what the strip’s about?

James Mascia: The webcomic is about a woman who is the Anti-Christ, and wants absolutely no part of it. She tries to kill herself time and time again, but can’t. She ruins the lives of everyone she comes into contact with, and her powers seem only good for wreaking havoc and causing death. She is on the run from terrorists who want to use her powers to destroy the Western World, as well as Angels who want to lock her in a purgatory for eternity.

Essentially, the whole story plays with the idea of the Anti-Christ trying to be a good person. Can she, or will she become the monster everyone expects her to be?

GP: How often do you update?

JM: I usually update every other week–on a Tuesday.

GP: How long have you been producing the strip?

JM: I’ve been working on it since August of 2016.

GP: Where did the idea for the strip come from?

JM: Believe it or not, it came from some sick and demented dream I had (I generally don’t dream about myself, which is weird in and of itself. I usually end up dreaming like I’m watching a movie). When I woke up, I jotted all the ideas and plot points down for it. Then I started writing the script for it about a week later. When you read the comic, you will see just how twisted this dream must have been.

Why it’s awesome: This is one of those webcomics that could easily be found printed and bound on the shelf at your local comic shop, and you’d happily pay three or four bucks for each issue; instead you get to read it for free (unless you contribute to the Patreon) on the interwebs, you lucky devil. Anti Christ is an incredibly well illustrated story that has a great flow to it, and one that you should spend some time enjoying.

Below you’ll find a couple pages from the webcomic (the first an second because I didn’t want to spoil anything). Enjoy, then go read the rest!


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