TV Review: Voltron: Legendary Defender


On Friday September 10th the long anticipated wait was over. Netflix and Dreamworks finally debuted Voltron: Legendary Defender. And while I was highly anticipating the show I was still hesitant to fully embrace the new show. I mean do you blame me? There have been 2 renditions of Voltron to come out since the original showed aired back in the 1980’s (Voltron The 3rd Dimension and Voltron Force) and each time I gave up hope that it would be better than the original. Also Netflix’s version is a reboot and while showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery said that they were going to keep the essence of Voltron alive I was still scared. My fears lessened with each and every teaser trailer that came out, but I still had slight hesitation going into the show.

So on Friday I got up earlier than I normally do so that I could watch the 1st 70 minute long episode (episodes 2 thru 11 are only 23 minutes long) and after watching it, came away very impressed. So impressed that I didn’t want to get ready for work because I wanted to watch more episodes (which I did later that night and finally finished the series this morning), but common sense prevailed also my fiancée would have killed me if I called out of work to watch a T.V. show.

What I liked:

  • Shiro was an awesome addition to the show and even through eleven episodes he is still shrouded in mystery as to his past before Voltron, it is weird that Princess Allura was not a Pilot or palladin as they are called on this show, but she does pilot the Castle of Lions (if you haven’t seen the show yet, your in for a surprise)
  • King Zarkon and Haggar the Witch are still the Bad Guys
  • They kept King Alfor and of course the Mice.
  • The Lions are still badasses
  • The animation is on point and doesn’t come across as kiddie
  • Lastly, the brought back how the Palladins get to their Lions

What I didn’t like:

  • No Theme song
  • Coran reminds me of the Magician in the Frosty the Snowman Christmas special. Wish he was more cerebral like in the original show.
  • No awesome dialogue during the formation of Voltron
  • Episodes are too short
  • Pidge’s secret

Overall, what an amazing season 1 of Voltron: Legendary Defender. There was never a dull moment and the episodes always kept you on your toes. And the ending of episode 11 leaves you clamoring for more because you want to know what is going to happen. Also the show does a great job appealing to the die-hard Voltron fans as well as the new generation of Voltron fans. The writers and the producers did and amazing job with this show and I look forward to season 2 to see what’s up their sleeves.

Animation: 10 Story: 8.5 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Must Watch!

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