Webcomics Weekly: Olympus’ Forgotten Children

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s spotlight on webcomics, where we take a look at one of the many comics available online every Monday: Webcomics Weekly (but don’t be fooled by the “weekly” part of the title; the feature may happen more or less frequently than that). We’re defining webcomics as any comics published online for free consumption by the general public that doesn’t require a  subscription service.

This week we’re taking a look at Olympus’ Forgotten Children. The strip is created by former Graphic Policy contributor Kenny Coburn, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the webcomic below.

Graphic Policy: In a nutshell, can you tell us what the strip’s about?Cover

Kenny Coburn: Olympus’ Forgotten Children is an ongoing full length 22 page web comic that takes an honest look at the superhero trope that there are people with god like powers who are above corruption. The world of Olympus’ Forgotten Children is much more honest in how it views humanity than anything you will see at DC or Marvel. The world is not perfect and neither are the people with the most power.

The United States government had finally created a superhero serum to use in war. But, because of crippling debt caused by funding the research necessary to create the serum, the government was forced to sell it to the highest bidding civilians. After a year, those who purchased the serum began to fight back and war began. Fifteen years later, the former superheroes, now known as the Power Cartel, rule the planet. The only other survivors are those working for the Power Cartel or those that have gone into hiding.

It is in this world that three longtime friends, Monya, Kiarynn, and Baxter, begin to try and take the world back from the Power Cartel by any means necessary. Their journey takes them from their underground home through the wastelands of the former United States with only the faint hope of a better future driving them.

GP: How often do you update?

KC: The comic will be released quarterly as currently constructed. We are already hard at work on issue #2. For anyone who does enjoy the project and wants to support it, you can donate to our crowd funding page which will help us fund the project and greatly shorten the timeframe between issues. Every dollar is greatly appreciated.

GP: How long have you been producing the strip?

KC: The first issue has just been released for free in its entirety. Currently, there are thirteen issues in total planned for the project so the series still has a long way to go before it is complete.

GP: Where did the idea for the comic come from?

KC: The idea for Olympus’ Forgotten Children came after watching Captain America: The First Avenger. The premise that a serum that turns a basic human being into essentially a god happened to go to the kindest person in existence just seemed ludicrous. The world doesn’t work that way and I wanted to explore the finer nuances of what would really happen if a superhero serum was created.

It isn’t exactly a pleasant conclusion that I came to, but I think it is an infinitely more interesting one. People don’t normally fit perfectly into the categories of good and bad. This is the idea I wanted to explore. Once I had that premise, I just continued to build logically into the way I saw the future shaping out.

The idea was very simple, but I think the results have been extraordinary.

Why it’s awesome: Honestly, anything I say here will just be a repeat of what Kenny had said above. Instead, I’ll just direct you to the introduction below and the first four pages in the gallery underneath the intro and let you see for yourselves.


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