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Comics Empower, Comics for the Visually Impaired

comics empower large logoIt’s been a while in the making but Guy Hassan has announced Comics Empower, comics geared towards individuals who are visually impaired. The store has comics in audio form geared towards the individuals who like comics but have lost the ability to see or were born blind.

Hassan in the release says he has “found a way to describe the pictures in a way that doesn’t slow down the story and at the same time conveys everything about the comic.”

During the time Hassan was working on this he also launched a competition for a blind or visually impaired comic book writer, which has just ended. The winner’s comics will appear in the Comics Empower website in two weeks. One is called Bakasura and is written by Pranav Lal, a blind comics fan from India. The other is called Unseen and is about a blind assassin. It’s written by Chad Allen, a blind magician.

There is also an exclusive comic book series for Comics Empower that exists only in audio. The comic is about a fighter pilot who flies a mecha called an Aurora, which is Earth’s only weapon against alien mechas. But when he is blinded, he can’t fly it. And yet, he has to – he is Earth’s only defense.

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