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Listen to Talking The Venture Bros Podcast Season 6 Episode 8 on Demand

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The finale of season 6 of Venture Bros. gets the Graphic Policy Radio treatment! All obscure references explained! From defunct NYC nightclubs to Edgar Allan Poe to super-powered Nazis.

Join pop culture and history experts Steven Attewell (whose secret identity is that he’s an actual historian) and Elana Levin (who’s secret identity is that she used to go clubbing) discuss Venture Bros episode 8 “Red Means Stop.”

Had a great time doing last night’s podcast with @racefortheironthrone. It’s been an ambitious year at @graphicpolicy radio. We’ve done so many podcasts, deep dives into the content of fantastic shows like this one.

Thanks for everyone who’s helped promote the show. Thanks to @mrchrisgeorge for his amazing art. Having those character designs on tumblr to reflect on was super helpful.

This season of the show has been outstanding. There are a few episodes that felt like they were literally made for me. Namely “Maybe No Go” with all the reflections on New Romantics music. And “It Happening One Night” which basically justified my college research on Warhol.

The Venture Bros makes a show about things that I love. It’s a show where characters show real growth and development and story-arcs. It’s a show with careful and beautiful animation. The character designs are the best around. This is a season that loves NY. I hope they stick around here for more!

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