Talking Venture Bros. Season 6 Episode 7 LIVE This Wednesday

venture-bros-logo-e1445361617820As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Venture Brothers podcaster. After our deep dive into Warholiana last episode, Elana and Steve are back to discuss Martin Scorsese, 70s serial killers, the political economy of supervillainy, and Christopher Motherfucking Lambert.

Listen to the show LIVE tonight at 9pm ET.

In this podcast we continue to explore the series as pop culture history geeks, drawing out themes and references present in each episode. Steven is a Professor of US history. “Elana writes about comics, worked in NYC politics and is qualified to evaluate the success of musical pastiches in numerous genres. Expect more then 15 minutes of expertise.

You can catch the show this Wednesday at 9pm ET.


  • I am wondering if there might be a familial connection between Rusty and the Monarch.

    I harken back to the “Key Party” at Dr Ventures back in Season 3, ep. 6; I’ve checked, and it does appear that the Blue Morpho was there, speaking to Action Man, and presumably Rusties Mother as well as Mrs. Morpho would have attended as well.

    just floating a theory….

    Also, re: The Morpho’s dual sex act w. Dr. Z; if the Sovereign was a shape shifter, he could have pulled that off.
    And if the Sovereign wanted to empower the guild by making them unite against a common threat, he could have created that threat himself, only to have the threat mysteriously done away with when it was no longer needed.

    So there, two theories…

  • Yeah I don’t think anything is going to come from Dr. Venture’s brush with death. As the Monarch said in his narration Doc thought the pocket blew up or something since it was a suit from a place that caters to super-villains. He’s completely unaware that he was in any real danger.

    Also, The Monarch killed Wonderboy. 21 and 24 were only tasked to send his charred remains to Captain Sunshine.

    The Wandering Spider’s assassination was also very similar to the scene in Miller’s Crossing. It also suggests that Gary might have let him live since we only see him bury the mechanical arms. Guess we’ll have to wait til Season 7!

    On a side note there has been no special confirmed for later this year. Jackson and Doc said, at the moment, the Season 7 premiere will be this year’s finale but they might air it as a special beforehand.