Supreme Court Nominee Sold His Comic Collection to Pay for Law School

Today President Barack Obama announced his nominee for the vacancy on the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. In his introduction Obama mentioned that Garland put himself through Harvard Law School in a few ways including selling his comic book collection.

In his announcement he said:

A painful moment for any young man, selling his comic book collection. It’s tough. Been there.

The President’s love for comics has been a topic of conversation for some time. He regularly cites Spider-Man and Conan as two series and characters he enjoyed growing up.

Comic books are nothing new to the highest court. This previous session saw Kimble V Marvel Enterprises where Justice Kagan quoted Spider-Man throughout the opinion. Justice Kagan is a known fan of comics and comic book movies, so Garland will have a fellow geek to chat with if he’s confirmed.

With great power comes greater responsibility, feels like an appropriate lesson to take with you to the Supreme Court.

You can watch President Obama’s comic remarks in the video below.

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