Comics Herstory: Afua Richardson

1200Afua Richardson is another multi-talented comic book artist. In addition to working in the traditional mediums, she is a graphic artist and is experienced in digital art. In 2011, she was awarded the Nina Simone award for artistic achievement. She is also a voice actress, singer, songwriter, beatbox artist, and classically trained flautist.

Richardson is one of the few Native American and African American creators in the comic industry who has done work for multiple publishers, including Image, Top Cow, DC, and recently, Marvel. She has also been published under the names Lakota Sioux and Docta Foo. Richardson is a self-taught artist who credits sci-fi, Swamp Thing, X-Men, and Transmetropolitan as major influences.

She has worked with several indie publishers as well as the Big Two. Richardson worked on Mad Max: Fury Road Inspired Artists, an art book inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road and published by Vertigo. Richardson has also done cover art for several Marvel books, including Captain Marvel, Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, and X-Men: 92 to Infinity. In September of 2015, she released a zine titled The Art of Afua Richardson.

In 2007, Genius, which she worked on with Mark Bernardin and Adam Freeman, won Top Cow’s Pilot Season, meaning that the comic was then picked up and published as a limited series in 2014. The Genius release was a stark reflection of actual events in the United States at the time. The story is about Destiny Ajaye, a detective who, as a child, watched her parents die at the hands of the police, and the release coincided with the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Genius remains socially and politically relevant today, and is deeply political and complex story.

Recently, Richardson has been focusing on music. She is the lead vocalist for Waking Astronomer, a three-person band based in Atlanta, Georgia. Waking Astronomer’s EP, Waking Astronomer, was released last month.