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Kicking Off Comics Herstory

twitter profileDespite Executive Festival Officer Franck Bondoux’s claims that women are historically absent from comics, there’s no reason they should have been snubbed at this year’s Angouleme International Comics Festival.

Spoiler alert, women have been in comics for years. Helena Bochořáková-Dittrichová published her first wordless novel (a precursor to graphic novels) in 1928. This novel, Z mého dětství (From My Childhood) is comprised of woodcut prints and is largely considered to be the first graphic novel written by a woman.

Since March is Women’s History Month, we here at Graphic Policy thought that highlighting some of these brilliant and trailblazing women would be an appropriate way to celebrate. Comics Herstory will be an ongoing series throughout the entire month of March (and beyond), and you can keep up with us here and on Twitter @ComicsHerstory.

Part of our goal is to introduce authors of all different backgrounds and comic genres, so while you may see some familiar faces, you might just find something new, too.