Bernie Sanders is Team Cap

Via Memes for Bernie

While politics may be serious (or not serious enough depending on who you ask), there’s a bit of silliness that creeps in, especially when it comes to campaign season. Theatrics play a large role, and questions posed to candidates range from substantive policy to boxers or briefs?

The Daily Dot took it upon themselves to ask the biggest question out there:

Where do the candidates stand on the Superhero Registration Act?

For those that might not know, this summer’s upcoming film Captain America: Civil War, based off of the Marvel comic series Civil War, pits Captain America against Iron Man as the two have a fall out concerning legislation that would force superheroes to register with the government. In the comics Captain America stood against the legislation while Iron Man was pro-registration.

We can speculate as to where the candidates stand on this pressing issue, and if they’re #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, but one candidate actually responded, Bernie Sanders.

Yes, we can now reveal that the Bernie Sanders campaign is #TeamCap, endorsing Captain America in this year’s fictional Marvel showdown.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Sanders campaign responded. Campaign manager Jeff Weaver is not just a friend and adviser to Sanders, as well as running the Presidential campaign, Weaver also has a long history with comic books. After years of collecting and needing a break from politics, in 2009 Weaver opened the shop Victory Comics just outside of Washington, DC in Falls Church (a store I frequent). Weaver is also the “co-discoverer of the Lost Valley Pedigree Collection—an original Golden Age pedigree collection that consisted of many of the most significant and well preserved examples of comics from the dawn of the hobby to the 1950s.” In May Weaver took a break from Victory to return to the campaign trail, he managed Sanders’ first Senate campaign in 2006, and worked on his earlier campaigns.

We know which side Sanders stands with, sound off in the comments as to where you think the rest would be.