The Political Machine 2016, Out February 4

The Political Machine 2016 will be released February 4, just a few short days after the Iowa Caucuses. The video game from Stardock Software is a political simulator that has you choosing your candidate, or create your own, and pits you in a head-to-head  race in the general election.

There’s lots of issues and influences that will determine how well you do, much like real life elections.

Make your run for President of the United States! Take a stance on current issues, stretch the truth, and smear your opponents as you climb your way to the top of Capitol Hill!

Choose one of over a dozen presidental candidates or create your own ideal candidate. Give speeches, go on talk shows, hire unsavory operatives and do whatever it takes to win on election day.

In the game you use power and money to purchase ads and influence voters, and allows you to challenge friends in a multiplayer mode. The simulation uses census data and real issues to test your political abilities.

The video game is available in Early Access on Steam for $9.99.

(via GamePolitics)