Webcomics Weekly: Pirate Mike: Maladjusted Suburbanite

In a new feature here a Graphic Policy, we’ll take a look at one of the many webcomics out there that the staff enjoy each week (but don’t be fooled by the “weekly” part of the title; it may happen more or less than that). We’re defining webcomics as any comics published online for free consumption by the general public that doesn’t require a  subscription service.

This week we’re taking a look at one of Alex’s favourites, Pirate Mike: Maladjusted Suburbanite. The strip is created by Brad Perri, who graciously answered a few questions for us about Pirate Mike below.

Graphic Policy: In a nutshell, can you tell us what the strip’s about?

Brad Perri: Pirate Mike quit his life on the high seas to raise a family in the suburbs. He’s doing a really lousy job.

GP: How often do you update?

BP: New strip on Monday. Archive strips on Wednesday and Friday.

GP: How long have you been producing the strip?

BP: Since October of 2013.

GP: Where did the idea for the strip come from?

BP: The first time I thought of Mike was one morning I was getting for work and putting on a tie when I thought of a pirate talking about how he was ready to do battle but then it turned out that he was just cleaning the gutters. For some reason, this just made me laugh. I didn’t do anything with it yet for maybe another year, though. I was doing a different strip, but then I came down with a good case of tendinitis (which I still have) and laid off on doing comics until  I got it under control. When I started doing comics again, I decided to start drawing strips about this little pirate guy and he continues to occupy my imagination.

Why it’s awesome: Pirate Mike is a strip that you can start reading at any time; there are very few weeks – if any –  where you’re required to have prior knowledge of the strip’s history. Usually, I’ll read the strips the morning after they’re posted with a cup of tea as I get ready for the day, and I’ve  found any day with the lovable scallywag is a good day. There’s something innocently fun about the idea of a pirate settling down in the suburbs with his family, but despite his failings Pirate Mike is a pretty decent guy. Think Homer Simpson with more than a dash of Jack Sparrow and you’re not far off the character.

Below you’ll find two strips that were originally posted to the site in November of 2015. The first is an archive, and the second was new that day. Exact dates are below.

This strip was posted November 18th 2015;Pirate Mike november 18This strip is from November 16th 2015;Pirate Mike november 16

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  • You may regret naming it Webcomics *Weekly*… as soon as you miss an update, you’re going to have an entire lineup of people giving you heat about it.

    Trust me. :)