Trans* Planetarium: A Voice for Change – Preview

Trans-Planetarium 1This morning as I sit here in my office drinking my coffee, I find this article is the hardest article to write for this column thus far. Not because of something crazy happening or something negative hindering the book. It’s what I cant share with the world yet. As we speak, there are wonderful pieces of artwork and story sitting on my drive on my office desk that I have been advised not to share with anyone, yet. However, something sparked into my head that I needed to ask Brett to do after talking with the books editor and being green lit to do so.

I asked Brett if it be ok if he would allow Graphic Policy to be the first site to publish Trans* Planetarium preview pages. Brett being the awesome dude he is, said yes. But Brett, being an awesome editor, said why don’t we allow Graphic Policy readers tell us how what they think of the books first few pages? Needless to say I loved the idea. Allowing Graphic Policy fans to read the comics first few pages and giving there feedback sounded like an epic idea. Good or bad, we want you readers to let us know what you think.

It is people like Brett and readers like you guys that allow me to do what I love to do. With that said, I owe you all a lot. So, here is the projects first pages from its first chapter. Its been a long road from February until now. A lot of: late nights, redrafts, money spent ($2,000 to be exact), hours of home work to make this story impactful and meeting awesome people who believe in the books message as much as I do. This passion project has taken a lot from me and those close to me. Because its message is simple; we must love each other and ourselves without bias or objection if we are ever to make this world a better place.

You can provide your feedback in the comments right here, or you can make comments on Facebook or Twitter too!

So without further due, Graphic Policy proudly gives you the inside look of Trans* Planetarium!




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  • I love it….can’t wait to read the rest of it…..great start of the story, beautiful artwork… have me hooked….great work guys. I will be waiting till its done.