Fan Expo Interviews: Karli Woods

Fan Expo Toronto will be taking place this year between September 3rd and 6th, and Graphic Policy had the opportunity to talk with a few of their featured guests before the beginning of the convention.  Karli Woods will be attending the convention not only as a featured guest, a seminar presenter but also as a cosplayer.  She joined us to talk to us about what to expect.

Graphic Policy:  I think that a lot of people underestimate cosplay, thinking that cosplayers just pull on premade costumes.  Obviously it is not the case, as the costumes are usually self-fabricated by the dedicated cosplayers.  What is the creative process that you go through for costume design?  And how do you decide on a concept or theme?

gg_peach4Karli Woods:  Once I have decided on a new character to cosplay I draw up a quick sketch of the costume. I then go through my materials and see if there is anything left over I can use. Then I draft the pattern and figure out exact measurements and what fabrics, materials etc. I need to buy. Then I come home and sew! I usually give myself a month or so to complete a costume, just because I am so busy with keeping up to date with social media and filming for my YouTube Channel. I like to plan out a rough schedule of when I am going to start certain pieces, and have them finished by. It definitely helps to book a photo-shoot for the costume in advance. That way you have a deadline to work towards.

GP:  What skills do you consider to be most your most useful when creating a costume?

KW:  I have a couple really good friends who are super talented make-up artists, so I feel like they have definitely rubbed off on me a bit. I really do enjoy the hair and make-up process of cosplaying, so I have been filming quite a few make-up tutorials of my existing cosplays for my YouTube channel. It honestly makes such a difference, and completes the costume. Besides the hair and make-up I also really enjoy creating the accessories and weapons for costumes.

GP:  Are there any costumes that you made in the past that were very labor intensive but didn’t get noticed as much as you might have liked?

VelmaKW:  My battle armour Princess Peach cosplay was all made out of worbla and it was extremely labor intensive. This was only my second time working with the material. I want to re-do it when I get a chance now that I am more familiar with worbla.

GP:  Who do you think is a character that could catch on as a common cosplay costume?

KW:  It really just depends on the time and what’s popular. Elsa was super popular last year after Frozen came out, and I think we are going to see a lot more Harley Quinn cosplays this year because of Suicide Squad.

GP:  How come there are more Velma cosplayers than Daphne cosplayers?

KW:  I think people just are drawn to us nerds! Smart is sexy!

GP:  Are there any noteworthy people that you have met that you never thought you would have the chance to?

KW:  I have had some amazing opportunities to interview some incredibly talented people. A few that stand out to me are Stan Lee, Giancarlo Esposito, and Max Brooks.

IMG_0911-Edit8GP:  If you had to be trapped on a desert island with another cosplayer who would you choose?

KW:  Nicole Marie Jean because she would keep light of the situation and entertain me.

GP:  Tell us a about your featured costume for Fan Expo 2015.  It is Karli plus Harley to create Karli Quinn?

KW:  Yes that is correct. I like to name all of my costumes, and this one was very fitting. I am excited to wear this cosplay as I am really happy with the way it turned out. I love all the details I put into it!

GP:  What do you look forward to most at Toronto’s Fan Expo?

KW:  I love the FanExpo team! Toronto is also my hometown, so I am excited to see all my fellow Canadians.