“Muppets Gone Missing” Comes to Graphic Policy

Roger Langridge - Muppets Gone Missing

Today I’m happy to announced that Josh Green‘s column, “Muppets Gone Missing” has found a new home here on Graphic Policy. The column is focused on hidden treasures of The Muppets and Sesame Street including segments and characters that never made it to air, and interviews with some of the legendary staff that brought these wonderful creatures and characters to life.

The column has already launched with interviews with a two part interview with Joe Bailey, a writer of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, legendary designer Bonnie Erickson, writer Norman Stiles, and writer Emily Kingsley.

The “Muppets Gone Missing” logo is designed by award winning artist Roger Langridge.

With a new series coming to ABC this fall, as well as numerous recent big screen movies, the Muppets continue to be a beloved institution.

Josh Green lives in Philadelphia, PA with his lovely wife Lauren. Having worked at Dynamite Entertainment and TV Guide, Josh is now a freelance writer for Graphic Policy and the creator of the “Muppets Gone Missing” column, so that he can still dabble in pop culture. While he is not dabbling, Josh lives a simple life, where his main enjoyment is spending as much time possible with his wife, whose very existence gives Josh purpose for everything.

Join us in welcoming Josh as a regular contributor and the column to the GP team! I know I look forward to the amazing insight into the Muppet world.

“Muppets Gone Missing” joins the increasing special features on Graphic Policy including “Demo-Graphics,” “By the Numbers,” Graphic Policy Radio, and Comixstravaganza Live.

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