We Talk About the Gotham Inspired Cake Wars Winning Design with the Fabulous Cake Girls

Season 1 of the Food Network’s television show Cake Wars wrapped up this past Tuesday.  The somewhat unexpected theme for the final episode was DC Comics and Good Vs. Evil, with special guest judges Jim Lee, Dan Didio and Geoff Johns and .  The Fabulous Cake Girls from San Diego ended up winning with their Gotham inspired design and we caught up with them to talk about their experience on the show.

cake002Graphic Policy:  I guess the most obvious question is whether you guys are comic fans?

Fabulous Cake Girls:  From an artwork perspective, 100%. Graphic novels are beautiful and they inspire us to take our comic type cakes to another level.

GP:  What is the inspiration for the amazing design which won you guys the finale?

FCG:  We knew it had to be Gotham City. The darkness and mystery surrounding the history of Gotham drew us in and we went with it. The clock tower was such a cool, and detailed building to recreate and we wanted the cake to look like the cover of a comic or graphic novel.

GP:  Poison Ivy is an odd selection for the villain, seeing as there are more obvious bad guy in Batman’s rogue gallery.  Why did you choose her?

FCG:  Because she’s freaking HOT. We loved the idea of trapping Batman and Robin in her clutches and doing the creeping flowers and vines on the building. They told us Good VS Evil, but not who had to win ;)

GP:  How do you go about putting together a cake like that?

FCG:  Hours of planning! We build platforms and other structural support, dowels go through the cakes; whether they are tiered wedding cakes or 3D buildings. They also had to be lifted, moved and eventually delivered to the DC Comics Party.

cake001GP:  How did you guys get involved in cake design?

FCG:  Jennifer went to The California Culinary School in San Francisco, worked in restaurants, trained with incredible pastry chef’s in city and moved back to San Diego so we could open Cake. We contacted a ceramics guild, here in San Diego, a few years ago looking for raw talent in figurine and sculpting work. They referred the fabulous Sami to us and we have been a powerful team of talent ever since.

GP:  How did you get selected for the show?

FCG:  We are good friends with the pastry chef at The Hotel Del in Coronado, California. She got an inquiring email from The Food Network and immediately sent it to us. We had appeared on The Cake Challenge five years ago, so we wrote to them. They invited us to participate right away.

GP:  Were there some other designs which stood out for you on the show?

FCG:  We were extremely impressed with Aquaman. Honestly, until they announced that we won, we truly thought it could have been them

GP:  What does the future hold for you now that you have won Cake Wars?

FCG:  Total world domination.

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