Review: Bizarro #2

bizarro002The Golden Age of comics was defined by a few different factors, but one of those factors was definitely a tie to the occult.  As opposed to the silver age which took place during a time of a space race and the advent of computers in society, the occult and specifically a tie to the mystical powers trapped in Egypt seemed to be the defining factors to explain the unexplainable.  Thus such heroes as Hawkman and Dr. Fate were born, with a tie to such otherwise hokey explanations.  While the first issue of Bizarro did have some relatively random ramblings for its characters, it did at least have a bit of a tie to this golden age inspiration as the auto dealer King Tut, actually ends up being possessed by an Egyptian artifact and ends up being the villain for the duo of traveling characters.

If this second issue of Bizarro and Jimmy are forced to deal with this threat as they venture forth on their road trip to Canada.  After having their car break down, they ended up dealing with this Egyptian power, but this is quickly resolved here.  Instead what transpires is an issue almost broken into thirds, with the Egyptians, a montage which is poorly managed of the two traveling seemingly everywhere, and then a journey to an Old West town, which seems to be somewhat haunted.

It is not entirely clear if the creative team behind this series don’t have a firm grasp of the difference between random and funny.  This is supposedly a series aimed at a younger market, but the jokes are more like those for adults, while keeping the setting a bit younger.  The end result is a story which doesn’t really hit its mark in either way.  There are those that are bound to like this for taking a more lighthearted look at superheroes, but equally it seems as though this could be this issue’s only saving grace.  The first issue had some redeeming factors, but this issue is a bit of a mess, and it would have been better off sticking with one inspiration, like the Egyptian occult, as opposed to bouncing all over the place.

Story: Heath Corson Art: Gustavo Duarte
Story: 6.2 Art: 6.2 Overall: 6.2 Recommendation: Pass

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