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Review: Bat-Mite #2

batmite002There are invariably going to be comparisons between this series and Bizarro.  Both are less serious looks at the DC Universe, one looking at a weird road trip, and the other of a Batman-like imp that is trying hard to emulate his inspiration.  Both series have come out the same week for DC thus far in their short two-issue runs and thus the comparison is even all the easier.  The first issue of Bat-Mite could be said to have a better story while Bizarro was funnier.  While the second issue of Bizarro proved that the series needs a bit more focus and a bit more humor, this series continued the same standard set in the first issue as the character has some zany adventures, although they are not particularly funny.

The story here continues on the same plot of the mad plastic surgeons, with the somewhat unrealistic goal of trying to inhabit the body of Hawkman, as was discovered at the end of the previous issue.  What follows are what can best be described as hi-jinks as Bat-Mite comes and goes from captivity as he tries to free the hero from the grasp of these villains.  While it ends almost as expected, there is a bit of a meta-humor here as well, as the character seems to have come and gone without being there at all, or did he?  Regardless the story here makes a lot more sense than it does in Bizarro, even it is not supposed to really make sense.

This series proves once again that it is a good idea to introduce a bit of lightheartedness into its DC titles, but also that the idea still needs to be refined to a certain degree.  In going for Bat-Mite the creative team might have even handicapped themselves a bit as the story somewhat demands some consistency with the past as opposed to being able to completely break free.  The end result is that this is a bit mediocre even though the promise of something more exists.

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Corin Howell
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Pass

General Marvel