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Comic Book Replicas by Skelton Crew Studio

comic book replicas by skelton crew 1My daughters love plushies. They have loved these things since they were 3 years old. Myself, I love comic books and replicas of comic book items. My house full of comic book themed items I bought from Etsy and conventions throughout the country. This industry started years ago, as something just for children, but along the way, those children became adults, and are still enthralled by these replicas ( including myself) So when I heard that Skelton Crew Studio produces items based on comic book items, including plushies, I wanted to see for myself how close they actually come to the real thing. Founded by Israel Skelton, Skelton Crew Studio makes officially licensed, high quality replicas. It started with keys for IDW‘s Locke and Key and now has included Hellboy and Chew and the always excellent Mouse Guard. Skelton Crew Studio certainly takes their job seriously and the love sure is not lost either, as both are evident in their attention to detail. I opened my package I got from the company in my mail, and found a treasure trove of items. It was like Xmas, and boy, do these guys deliver.

In the first item, I opened up, it was a replica of the Sushi Ono takeout carton, just like from the Chew comics.

A replica of Chogs from Chew!


Looks pretty dead on to me!!!

Let us take a look at one of the keys from Locke & Key.

Another dead on replica, as you can see how it looks like on this cover of Locke & Key.


The last item I opened up from Skelton Studios was a replica of Ogdru Jahad Amulet from Hellboy.

Much like what I saw in Hellboy: Seed of Destruction.

comic book replicas by skelton crew 10

All of these items are available for purchase from Skelton Crew Studio.




Skelton Crew Studio provided Graphic Policy with FREE items for review

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