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Review: Planet Hulk #2

planethulk002Secret Wars has this far been a slightly confusing crossover.  As it has taken numerous worlds and continuities and thrown them together, there has still been a lot of influence from pretty notable crossovers at Marvel.  In most of the cases with the crossovers, the original material from the crossover provides some inspiration for the Secret Wars tie-in, but it is not always the case.  The only real unifying factor to Secret Wars is the Battle world controlled by Doom, which binds all of these worlds together although they seem ready to rebel against him.

Planet Hulk is a perfect example of this.  This is one of the big name crossovers from recent memory that manages to tie-in the whole Marvel Universe and to stay engaging and entertaining at a high level throughout.  The story featured the Hulk that had been banished to another planet due to his threat to Earth, where he found a mate before his family was killed and he returned to Earth to exact revenge in World War Hulk.  In this case though there is little inspiration left from the original series, instead focusing on Captain America, who in this version has a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex as a steed, and who inadvertently comes into contact with Doc Green.  Doc Green leads him through the bizarre landscape where everything is big and Gamma infused.  Everything also happens to be trying to kill the three of them as Doc Green leads them to a place for answers.

There is not a whole lot of substance in this issue, but neither does there have to be.  Coincidentally this issue comes out around the same time as Jurassic World has been released into theaters, and the comparison is maybe apt as both have a tyrannosaurus rex in a fight with another beast.  That is to say that it is fun if not particularly deep as a concept, something which is a treat for the eyes if not so much for the brain.

Story: Sam Humphries  Art: Mark Laming 
Story: 7.7  Art: 7.7  Overall: 7.7  Recommendation: Read


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