Review: Grayson #9

grayson009With Convergence acting as a convenient place to break from all which has come before, this most recent issue of Grayson represents the beginning of a new story arc.  However, the break for Grayson for Convergence might have come at a relatively bad time, as the concept of one of history’s oldest superheroes being repurposed as a superspy might have not been on the most solid ground from the beginning.  The series has nonetheless been fun enough to this point, as the transition of Grayson to superspy after his entire publication as a superhero has been handled pretty effectively, especially as he has been paired with another repurposed superhero, Helena Bertinelli.  The only risk is that being this is all forgotten with this two month break after only being eight issues into its run.

Grayson continues to work under the guidance of Spyral, and especially as they are under the control of a new leader.  A mysterious fate if befalling a number of agents as they are on missions.  They are being carefully assassinated by an unknown assailant, who happens to bear a resemblance to Grayson, and it doesn’t take long for the leaders of Spyral to figure out that when people end up dead that they tend to do so where Grayson has been.  Although this is the setup for the double cross (or triple cross) of the main character, the plot doesn’t really much focus around this as Grayson is sent to the Prado museum in Madrid to retrieve a Kryptonite gem from the necklace of a socialite.  The execution of this plot is pretty fun, as he relies on some unconventional assets in order to accomplish the mission.

In terms of an espionage story, this fits a fairly common formula, but it does so in such a fun way that it can be excused.  There is a bigger story happening in the background, but this issue becomes all about the mission at the art museum, and as that is executed in an engaging and fun way, it elevates the remainder of the story to the same level.  The underlying plot seems to be pretty intense as well, as Grayson is going to presumably become a renegade agent before proving his innocence.  In the meantime this issue acted as a perfect issue to get the momentum rolling once again for this series and incidentally provides an excellent jumping on point for new readers.

Story: Tim Seeley and Tom King  Art: Mike Janin 
Story: 8.6 Art: 8.6 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Buy

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One comment

  • Loved that it jumps right into action again and this time the plot will even be more relevant again.