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Review: Aquaman #41

aquaman041Undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises to come out of the new 52 was the resurgence of Aquaman.  Although seemingly on the A-List because of his status in the Justice League, the character struggled over his time at DC since his earliest days to find a way to connect with fans on a wider scale.  Some found the stories about an underwater hero hard to relate to, others probably never even gave him a chance as he became the butt of many jokes for those that do not even read comics.  The new 52 changed that as it made him into a firmer character and one that was bound to certain loyalties chief among them to his wife Mera.

This post-Convergence change of direction throws a wrench into what has come before since the new 52.  Although the portrayal of Aquaman has not been as consistent necessarily across other series (Justice League, Aquaman and the Others) the differences are not as drastic as seen here.  Some time ago Aquaman witnessed the invasion of a kind of habitation which spreads almost like a disease, forming miniature cities, and whose composition, at least while forming is poisonous to others.  After initially facing and destroying such a dwelling underwater, Aquaman dedicates himself to the destruction of the remainder of these cities.  The story is told in a non linear fashion as it opens in St. Louis with the introduction of another one of these cities, but crisscrosses back and forth among the timeline from his time as king to what is now him acting more as a renegade.

This is unfortunately not the best turn of events for this series.  If part of the problem of the history of the character is a lack of a focus, then it seems to be back here with the new creative team.  If another problem has been cliches like Arthur being kicked out of Atlantis for some transgression, or being separated from Mera for whatever reason, then the same problem applies here as well.  Cullen Bunn is evidently a talented writer that has produced some amazing stories elsewhere, but in tackling Aquaman it seems as though he might have been better off understanding the characters history before seemingly starting to undo all the good that was done for the character in the past few years.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Trevor McCarthy
Story: 6.9 Art: 6.9 Overall: 6.9 Recommendation: Pass