Win a t-shirt Courtesy of SharkRobot plus 10% off!

We’ve got a contest and discount courtesy of t-shirt company SharkRobot. You can win one of the t-shirts below! To enter, all you have to do is say which shirt you’d like in the comments of this post. Each shirt is a large (sorry can’t change the sizes).

You can either vote for the “Rogue” tshirt or “Smash Bros.” tshirt. Just put “Rogue” or “Smash Bros.” in the comments below and when we choose the winner, you’ll get which tshirt you chose. It’s that simple. No signing up. No having to follow anything. Just make a comment. The contest will run until June 26 at 11:59pm ET.

The contest is open to individuals in the United States.

Rogue_-_Shirt_1024x1024 sharkrobot_xdthreads_smashbro_1024x1024

But, on top of a chance for a free tshirt, SharkRobot has also hooked us up with a discount too. You can get 10% off your SharkRobot order by using the code “graphicpolicy” during your checkout.

Thank you SharkRobot for the free tshirts for the giveaway, as well as the discount code!