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Review: Betty and Veronica #276

bav276In some ways it is strange to read this latest issue of Betty and Veronica.  Although the stories of Archie and the gang have been undergoing somewhat of a change in recent years as they have included a string of celebrity guests and covered some heavier topics, this issue also comes out after the end of Archie Comics with issue #666 earlier in the month.  There are apparently big changes ahead for Archie as the character is heading in a new direction after a reboot, but this story is still firmly rooted in what Archie comics were, not what they are aspiring to become.

It makes this issue a bit harder to handle, as this story arc involving the girls on a foreign exchange takes them on to Korea.  In essence this is a lot like an Archie comic as there is just so much going on.  Betty and Veronica are still switched as they have decided to live each other’s life while away to see what it is that makes each of them so unique.  At the same time in Riverdale, the teaching staff is concerned for Violette as she has been the subject of social bullying by Midge.  Banni is free with her love for the unconventional boys of Riverdale, and Archie is still trying to save up enough money to go visit the girls.  The girls themselves are stuck in the middle of a fiasco about how they are to be signed as Korean pop stars, but that they can’t decide whether to proceed or not.

The outcome is that of one which is very Archie like, or at least what we associate with any random comic featuring these characters.  it is fun, but also too bogged down in the town of Riverdale.  When the girls first said that they were leaving to see the world, it seemed as though it would be a great opportunity to take them away from the environment and to help them evolve a little bit, but the constant anchor to Riverdale has made sure that it never happened.  This is thus a fun enough idea, but also feels a little bit like it has missed the opportunity.

Story: Michael Uslan Art: Dan Parent
Story: 7.2 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.2 Recommendation: Pass

Archie Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.