PC Gaming Show E3 Update Live Reaction

This year, for the first time, AMD and PC Gamer magazine have come together to give an E3 show dedicated to gaming on the PC. It will be interesting to see the feel of this show and see what games are shown. Our coverage will start with the show at 9:00 PM ET.

This page will not automatically refresh. I will put the latest update at the top of the list, so if you join us late, scroll down. Here is the full E3 coverage schedule, this is the last live update as it is the last press event. However, check our coverage of all the previous press events.

Update 36: That’s it. 2 1/2 hours is a bit long. The host, Sean “Day[9]” Plott was very good. He kept it moving, but there was way too much overlap from previous announcements. I give this one a C+. With the conclusion of this, we conclude our live updates for this year’s E3. Thank you for reading.

Update 35: Confirmation that it is coming to PC as well as PS4. This game of massive scale is made by a team of about 10. They use AI bot testers. That is pretty cool.

Update 34: Nope, No Man’s Sky. I will now be a hypocrite and say bring it! More of this game is fine!

Update 33: The prologue missions are free to everyone, but early access only for pre-order holders of Legacy of the Void. Time for the final guest. Is it Gabe?

Update 32: Blizzard Entertainment take the stage. Start off talking about Heroes of the Storm, the Blizzard MOBA. Here we are talking about the first expansion for the game. Deckard Cain needs your help. Diablo characters are coming to Heroes of the Storm in Eternal Conflict. The treasure goblin will show up and offer bonus gold at the start of the stage if your team kills it. The Skeleton King is coming. He hangs out on the battlefield as a wraith after death. He can’t deal damage, but he can do other things. The monk will also be coming as a support character. Also, Star Craft II: Legacy of the Void Whispers of Oblivion. It will finally finish the story line that has been ongoing. We got a pretty movie. 3 prologue missions with a beta in July.

Update 31: Cliff has started a new studio which is developing a first person 5v5 team game. He likes stuff. Now being demoed on the stage is Enter the Gungeon which is a “bullet hell dungeon crawler.” Each room is hand designed, but the floors are procedurally generated. They are showing off the co-op mode. Over two hundred weapons in the game.

Update 30: Two hours in and we are still trucking along. Now showing a space survival game: Take on Mars which started as an ARMA mod. Hey! Look who it is! Cliffy B!

Update 29: DayZ is on the stage now. The game that helped create the zombie survival genre which has been in early access for a long time. They are pushing for a feature complete beta that will include a solo play mode and will let modders test locally and not require Internet to play the game. They will also release the tool to set up their own DayZ servers. Look, something with actual information. That is pretty amazing.

Update 28: Now on the stage, a horror game from the makers of Amnesia titled Soma. A horror game set under the sea. Being a horror game, I will never be playing this. Dark halls, strange noises, unexplainable stuff, out this September.

Update 27: Next up, Tacoma, yet again, a game that was in the Microsoft briefing. It is a first person exploration game in a near-future space station setting. I’m tired of this show being filled with stuff Microsoft is clearly helping push.

Update 26: A game called Dirty Bomb which is a shooter based on mercenary teams. Different characters with different abilities. You can play for free.

Update 25: Indie title Beyond Eyes is on the stage. This is an exploration game. This was also shown in the Microsoft briefing. Coming summer 2015. The protagonist is a blind girl who is exploring her world. Audio is crucially important. It also focuses on how perception can be wrong about your environment and that multiple senses come together to give you information.

Update 24: Showing an expansion for ARMA III. It is footage of an island. Tanoa- a new terrain for the game. 100 km squared of a Pacific island. New setting, new architecture.

Update 23: Nine new cards were announced today. The flagship Radeon Fury X R9 will cost $650. They also are showing off an uber gaming rig for VR stuff. Now they are showing a “dual VG GPU card” whatever that means. The crowd seems to like it.

Update 22: Another word from our sponsor. The CEO of AMD takes the stage: Lisa Su. I believe we are going to get new hardware announcements.

Update 21: Okay, back, and still on Hitman. It seems this is going to be a digital release first.

Update 20: Hitman again. I’m sorry, I’ve already seen this twice. I’m going to take a bathroom break. BRB.

Update 19: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns on stage. It is the forthcoming expansion which has a new “guild halls” feature. The guild halls are the customizable social spaces you can decorate and host brawls and launch adventures from. These are maps that guilds can own.

Update 18: David Braben, CEO of Frontier Developments, creator of Elite: Dangerous is on stage to announce a new game. Woo! Planet Coaster, a new theme park simulator.

Update 17: Strafe with a live demo on stage. This was another Kickstarted game. It is an FPS with procedurally generated persistent levels. Next, the first expansion for Pillars of Eternity, the Baldur’s Gate style RPG. The expansion is called The White March and is the first of several planed expansions.

Update 16: Ion is on stage again to talk about early access. This was also in the Microsoft briefing. It focuses on what happens on a space station. It will use a semi-isometric camera set-up. No time frame yet. The idea is before the prototype is released, they want a polished core which can be built upon.

Update 15: VR time. We start with EVE: Valkyrie. This is a VR space combat sim in the EVE universe. VR takes some getting used to, but it allows for more situational awareness for the player. This game is the first AAA looking VR game I’ve seen so far. While they share a universe, they are very separate experiences.

Update 14: American Truck Simulator announcement! PC gamers like strange things. It is exactly what the name suggests. It is a trucking simulator. Better get your loads across the country on time. It features data from Google Maps. Get your pre-orders in now.

Update 13: The Coalition takes the stage to announce Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC as well. 4k resolution support, unlimited refresh available on PC.

Update 12: Oh good, more info on Guardian. This was the cartoony game that just had a video at the Microsoft presser. Okay, so 5 on 5 team shooter/MOBA. Each team has an AI controlled guardian. The heroes are designed so players of different skill types can find a champion that will fit their play style. Each character has branching upgrade trees that further give options. Closed beta in August with open beta later in the year.

Update 11: Fable Legends is coming to the stage with a new video for the game. It is Xbox One and Windows. Does have cross platform play. Why free-to-play? They want everyone to play it and make up their minds. They are planning for “years of content” and put out new quests, creatures, and heroes.

Update 10: Phil Spencer, head of Xbox is now on the show. I guess this explains the sponsorship. Oh, the Xbox division is now in charge of all gaming at Microsoft? Windows 10 and Direct X 12 as cross platform tools and helping developers by making a more cohesive ecosystem. Also announces that Killer Instinct is coming to PC.

Update 8: Next  up Total War. New title Total War: Warhammer a RTS with the Warhammer setting. This will appeal to a lot of people.

Update 7: Same talking points from the Square Enix presser. Giving a bit of the setting rundown. Now we are getting into talking about the Dawn engine and Direct X 12 and how they can put more objects and detail on the screen.

Update 6: Oh yeah, there is a reminder why- the card alone is nearly $300. Now time for more Deus Ex talk.

Update 5: Star Citizen update. They seem to be motion capturing presently. This game was Kickstarted. No real new info. Now a message from our sponsors. The AMD “Chief Gaming Scientist” is on the stage. New Radeon graphic cards were announced: R7 360 and R9 380. I haven’t built a machine in 7 years, so I have no real concept of what he is talking about now. I mean, I get the concepts, but not how good these are in relation to anything.

Update 4: This game is available in early access. It is a FPS against waves of zombies. You can play solo or co-op, it allows player created maps, offers a free “Incinerate and Detonate” content pack add-on. Now they are having a discussion of the gore technology involved. Never has gore used so much technology to be gory. The content pack will have 50% more content than what the game ships with. They just announced that early access players will not have their player progression reset at launch. They also show a world premier of a new game. Seems to be set in the Vietnam War. Involves infantry and air support. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Update 3: We start with a video of a player building his/her rig with an AMD chip. Goes into a reel showing tons of games new and old. Because there are a lot of games and mods on PC. First Guest is John Gibson from Tripwire Interactive for Killing Floor 2.

Update 2: Here we go!

Update 1: The stream is live. Still 47 minutes until the show, but they are showing PC gaming trivia questions. Why is Xbox a sponsor of the PC Gaming Show? I would understand Microsoft, but Xbox specifically?