Ubisoft E3 Press Event – Live Reaction

Alright, here is our last live reaction press event of the day: Ubisoft. Yes, Sony is after this, but I will have to give a post-show reaction later tonight as I will be in a movie theater for the PlayStation E3 Experience. I may have to duck out before the end of Ubisoft to get there, but hopefully not.  Anyway, exciting stuff ahead: Assassin’s Creed, The Division and much more! Get ready!

This page will not automatically refresh. I will put the latest update at the top of the list, so if you join us late, scroll down. Here is the full E3 coverage schedule, so stick with us.

Update 11: Nope, playable on the floor and in a few cities across the globe. Yves is back for one last thing. Fighting a drug cartel as a tactical team…this looks incredible. Open world. Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Bam. Ubisoft is the winner so far. I give that a B. New IP announcements, showing more from what we are curious about, but too much time spent on not the games. Alright, time to run for Sony. Check out my write-up later.

Update 10: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate time. Victorian London, here we come. Streets covered with filth, a gray haze to the industrialized air. Think you can cook? He’s got a grappling hook. Lots of new elements coming forward in time. More firearms, more vehicles, jumping from carriage to carriage, and building your gang. No game play yet, but it looks cool, and I think we are abut to change that.

Update 9: Beta starts September 24th. TrackMania a customizable arcade cart racer is coming to consoles. It is like if you could actually drive your Hot Wheels tracks that you made as a kid. It is fast and ridiculous. It also has a random track generator.

Update 8: Rainbow Six: Siege gets a great trailer staring Angela Bassett, who comes out on stage. She is the deputy director of the Rainbow team. Then we get a mini-interview with her. It is fine, but doesn’t tell us anything new about the game. Here comes the info though. Terror Hunt mode is back- playable solo or coop against AI opponents. They show us a level that was pretty intense. The team had to go into a consulate and defuse a bomb.

Update 7: We’re still on Just Dance. I guess if you are the biggest seller you get more stage time than is strictly necessary. Available October. Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 players will have access to a dance streaming service that brings new songs and greatest hits to the new game. It is a “Dance on demand streaming service” no talk of price.

Update 6: Just Dance 2016 time. No camera needed, you can use your smartphone as the motion controller. Now, a dance break with Jason Derulo. Apparently Just Dance is now the biggest selling music game of all time. This is worse than Pele. At least Pele had interesting stories. This isn’t even a good performance.

Update 5: Next up is a city builder, but it is set on the moon. Anno 2205, oh cool. You don’t start on the moon, but can get there. The Anno series is a solid sim series, and this looks to continue on that fine record.

Update 4: The Division time. Introducing us to the “dark zone” which seems to be the PVP area? You can work cooperatively or against other players. The demo shows computer enemies and a group of players getting ready to attack for loot. Another group of players show up and their is a brief discussion on if they should attack the other player group. There was no evidence of the two groups being able to communicate. As they wait for extraction, they decide to jump the other player group which ends in two injured from the team and the third member deciding the loot is too great, and takes out his teammates and makes off with all the loot. Betas are coming early next year. Release date is March 8, 2016.

Update 3: Expansion time. The Crew Wild Run Expansion is taking the game off road. Monster trucks, rally cars, drag racing on salt flats. Coming November 17th. Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max expansion is coming. We just got a video of a cat with a gold-plated handgun riding a unicorn. I’ve got nothing.

Update 2: Yves Guillemot, CEO, comes to the stage to present a new IP- vikings and knights fighting…and samurai? Okay, you have my interest. Only a video so far. But it looks brutal and pretty awesome. For Honor is the title. It looks pretty interesting. The Montreal studio is behind this game. High promises for the immersion of the melee battle. We are going to get a demo right now, 4 on 4 on consoles. We have knights against samurai. The combat looks similar from the Assassin’s Creed franchise, but weightier. You seem to play captains on a field of soldiers. It is playable in the booth, which is really impressive for a new IP.

Update 1: South Park: The Stick of Truth is getting a sequel? Yes, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Hilarious. This time, we are ditching the fantasy for superheroes. Aisha Taylor is once again our host (thank goodness) and now Matt Stone and Trey Parker from South Park are on stage and have already made the Ubisoft press conference the most profanity filled E3 presentation. I personally had a good time with Stick of Truth so it will be interesting to see how this one shapes up without Obsidian.

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