Bethesda Softworks E3 Press Event

The show starts with a video of Bethesda employees talking about why they love their jobs followed by a sizzle real of the games we’ll presumably hear more about later. Clearly identifiable: Fallout 4, Doom, Battlecry, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls Online.

doomWe start the show with the reborn Doom. It is being developed by id Software and published by Bethesda. We get what seems to be in-engine game play. It looks really good, but who knows how indicative this is or what platform they are showing (my guess is a computer that would be a few thousand to recreate). It is running on a new engine id developed. The enemies are recognizable from previous iterations. Lots of gore, as one would expect. Injured enemies flash indicating a finishing move can be done to them, and those shown are brutally gruesome and include a variety of melee animations. Once the chainsaw came up, the gore level reached a ridiculous level. The HUD is clean and pretty minimalist: clearly designed with playing with a controller in mind. The footage shows several different weapons. The demo ends with a demon that lands and beats the protagonist with his own arm that the demon just ripped off.

Multiplayer will be “fast-paced arena style combat” It will have several different modes, and looks to allow soldiers to play against demons.

The best part of Doom has always been the mod tools. Id has not forgotten that, and they are promising that ability in the new Doom with “Snapmap.” They say the creations will be cross-platform, which is pretty cool. The interface looks like a mix between Halo’s forge and Little Big Planet. Point-and-click level building with a map overview mode and an in level adjustment/build mode as well.

The Doom portion ends with some more campaign footage in hell. More gore, more guns, more demons. The second clip ends with a giant demon and a glimpse at the BFG. It looks great, it feels like Doom, and I’m sure some segment of the market is excited. I’m just not among them. Release Spring 2016 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Next up, the new digital hub for all things Bethesda, including the cross-platform sharing. Transition to talk about Batlecry– the “team based action combat” game- inviting everyone to sign up for the world-wide beta soon. We also get a clip introducing a new faction: the Han Republic. Not a lot of new info here.

Arkane Studios takes the stage. Dishonored 2 time? Looks like- the mask from Dishonored sinks below the water. A very pretty movie comes next. Same setting, new protagonist- a female protagonist? The video shows a female, but the voice-over is male. Ah, you get a choice. Nice. You can play as Corvo or Emily Kaldwin. Not a lot more info here. I expect we’ll get another E3 before we get a release here. Also: Dishonored: Definitive Edition – an HD up-resolution version for PC, Xbox One, and PS4- including all the DLC to date.

Elder Scrolls Online gets a video about new content coming over the next year. The orc homeland? Imperial City? Is this stuff new? I don’t know. I am a heathen and do not care about Elder Scrolls because I do not need a flower-picking simulator and any time I try those games that is what it becomes for me. We also get an announce teaser for The Elder Scrolls: Legends– a digital strategy card game. That could be cool. Free to play on PC and iPad coming later this year. More info to come later.


Now a funny joke about that being the end of the show. Time for Fallout 4. My issues with Elder Scrolls are also with Fallout. I’m not saying they are bad games or do not deserve the love they get. I get that they are really good, they just aren’t for me.

The Fallout presentation starts out with a TON of concept art, because they make art for everything. It is all pretty amazing. We’re starting before the bombs fall this time. Character customization looks to be some of the best yet seen and you can play as a female or male. Fast-forward to you coming out as the sole-survivor of vault 111 some 200 years later. You can get a dog and give it commands including fetching items. It looks pretty amazing, and is certainly a Fallout game. The collector’s edition will have a real Pipboy that can hold your phone and they have developed an app for it. So, there’s that.

falloutshelterappAlso, a new Fallout game for Apple devices. Fallout Shelter will allow you to make your own vault and manage it. Each dweller has stats, you can build new rooms, equip your residents and send them out to gather resources. You get rewarded with lunchboxes with random loot. It is going to be free, no internet connection required, no pay timers. You can buy lunchboxes. It is available on the Apple app store tonight. Go get it and check it out.

But wait, there’s more about Fallout 4. You can scrap items in the game for materials and rebuild stuff like buildings and furniture. You can build a settlement. Your settlements can be attacked by raiders, so you need to also build defenses. You can run caravans between settlements. This is an optional aspect of the game. The crafting system works on weapons and armor as well. Over 50 base weapons with many mod options. You know, because you didn’t spend enough time with Fallout already.

Next: combat video montage. There are a lot of weapons and a lot of enemies and it can be ridiculous. They close out Fallout announcing the release date: November 10, 2015.

Tomorrow, I will be live-blogging most of the press events.