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Review: Silk #5

silk005Although she is not exactly the poster child for the new wave of series led by young female superheroes, Silk very well could be.  Until this point her story has been simple but engaging, as the series has taken on a more female-centric outlook in its storytelling, all the while maintaining that being female does not equate to being weaker but rather that a female approach to crime fighting can be just as effective as a male one.  This was the case not only in Silk, but also recently in another title from the spider ladies (Spider-Woman) as both Spider-Woman and Silk have looked at the deeper problems surrounding the actions of supervillains and decided to let them go on their own recognizance so that they can deal with the bigger issues.

In the case with Silk, she did this with Dragonclaw who had been forced into actions that he did not want to undertake, only because the Black Cat was controlling him.  This formed the backbone of what was the first story arc for the character.  While Cindy Moon continues to search for her family, she is also drawn back into the same scheme as Black Cat is not yet done with the young heroine.  This time though she brings in backup as both Dragonclaw and Spider-Man show up to provide assistance in order to take down the menace that is Black Cat.  Things don’t exactly go as planned though as Cindy makes a sacrifice and ends up in an unexpected situation.

Once again Silk proves to be the best of the new wave of Spider-Women (though Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen are not really lacking).  She combines a youthful charm into the same superheroics that is common throughout the remainder of the Marvel Universe.  So many years ago, Spider-Man re-established the comic book universe by being a wise cracking young superhero, and now Silk is doing the same thing, only with a female voice.  Perhaps no other series better captures this new wave of young female superheroes than does this series, even if it is among the less popular of these series.  This issue captured what is special about this character both in terms of plot and in terms of characterization, and proves that Cindy should be here to stay.

Story: Robbie Thompson  Art: Stacey Lee
Story: 8.8 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

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