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Review: Deadly Class #13

DCLASS13Today, some of the most popular pieces of episodic entertainment embrace the concept that anything could happen. So much of the appeal of things like the massively-successful Walking Dead franchise manage to excite in large part thanks to the unpredictability each slab of content brings to the table. Deadly Class, one of the best comics that Image is currently publishing, is another piece of media that forces those who experience it to constantly remain on their toes, ready for the next big twist.

Suffice to say, writer Rick Remender began his letter column this issue by writing, “Let’s take a moment and let that sink in.” Deadly Class #13 is one of the most shocking and gut-wrenching issues yet with some killer art as well as some tragic and captivating character progression, even if it isn’t as profound or viscerally satisfying as this series’ best issues.

Case in point, the first half or so of this installment is nothing special in terms of plot, with dull and sparse narration along with a decent escape montage. Wes Craig’s art is as fantastic as always, with tons of boldly contrasting colors, a convincing sense of movement, and sharp detail. The dialogue is as raw and creepy as ever, as well. It’s not until Maria fully confronts the evil men from her past that this issue kicks into high gear, with depressing musings on revenge and some seriously sick action.

Once that scene is over, another begins that ultimately builds up to the excellent finale to this chapter. There is some amazing storytelling here, with a slow burn that only gets tenser and tenser as it progresses. With this issue, Remender has done a remarkable job of raising the stakes higher and higher, only to completely flip the expected ramifications of those stakes at the end. The pages that reveal the big twist take their time for maximum discomfort. It’s so good.

The best thing about Deadly Class is its horrifically dark narration, and that is in short order here. Still, Remender and Craig still tell a damn good story.

Story: Rick Remender Art: Wes Craig
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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