Review: Inhuman #11

ih11ccovThis series continues to prove that it has what it takes for a long run, despite the relative unpopularity of the main characters.  So far in this series an underlying theme has been the diaspora, in trying to find out where the Inhumans can call home after theirs was destroyed and thrown into the New York harbour.  While this theme is still underlying most of what is written, the story took a turn in the previous issue with the return of an Axis infused Medusa, keen on a different level of diplomacy.  While the degree of Axis influence seems to vary between other heroes (for instance it is the main inspiration for Superior Iron Man), here it seems to have worn off after a couple of weeks and an honest heart to heart with a stranger in a bar in Chicago.

While the diaspora theme has been interesting in this series, what has really been noteworthy is the strong writing especially as it relates to the characters.  With Black Bolt absent from his throne, it falls to Medusa to rule in his place.  Her depiction has been a standout in this series, as she deals with being the apparent loss of her husband, the constraints of womanhood and monarchy and the need to lead her nation to a place of stability.   ih11intWhile this character seemed to take a vacation for the one Axis issue, she is already back here.  What is more, the interesting characters on the run from Ennilux, only introduced two issues previous, are already engaging enough to carry most of the story by themselves.

This series continues to be an unheralded standout for Marvel, one that many people aren’t talking about, but one that people should be, especially with a new focus on the Inhumans companywide.  This entire issue was engaging and fun, and never in a superficial way.  Everything that was here had its place, and the issue flowed so smoothly that the somewhat surprise ending came all too soon.

Story: Charles Soule Art: Ryan Stegman
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy