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Review: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents the Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild #2

fotw02covWhat made the original series in this trilogy so compelling was that it used animals as allegories for the actions of humans.  The humans were of course also there, the four orphans that had grown to adulthood having been raised by the different groups of animals.  This same dynamic was mostly missing in the second series, which while fun was still mostly just an adventure story that was set on Kipling Island.  With this third series, it seems as though some of the deeper allegories of the first series are back.

It of course depends on how much is read into the underlying themes of the story, but at least one theme is clear – war.  it does not focus on war as does many comics by showing some of the heroics therein but rather focuses on war as a destroyer of all, that in war there are no such things as victors, only losers that gained relatively more.  This is an interesting enough theme unto itself, but there are others at play here as well – greed (by way of gluttony), the natural order of the world, and the willingness to die for an ideal.  While there are underlying themes to what is transpiring within, there are also entertaining moments of action.  These are focused at first on the battle between the lions and the elephants, but then this action moves in a completely different direction straight into an unlikely scenario for the cliffhanger ending.  It is there that some warning is due for the quality of this series.  Parts of it seem like the first in the trilogy while other parts seem like the second series and it is still hard to discern exactly which way this series is going.

This issue ends up accomplishing its goals and proves that the creative team deserves some more respect for what they have accomplished before.  After all none of the Jungle Tales series has thus far been a disappointment, or if yes, only in relation to one another.  This issue seems to have the story line on track much more to what the first series was than the second, and despite the somewhat absurd premise for the the third issue, it would seem that the momentum will carry on there as well.

Story: Mark L. Miller Art: Luca Claretti
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy