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Toronto Comic Con 2015 Announces Karen Gillan as Its First Celebrity Guest

amy pondToronto Comic Con has confirmed the first of the main celebrity guests expected to attend this year’s event, Karen Gillan.  Originally known for her work on television’s Doctor Who as Amy Pond, she was already a familiar face to convention goers before it was revealed that she would be playing Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Toronto Comic Con runs from March 20 to March 22.

nebulaKaren is best known in convention circles for the minor stunt that she pulled at San Diego Comic Con in 2013.  When asked by a Guardians of the Galaxy cast member how she would be playing Nebula with a full head of hair when the character from the comics is bald, she revealed that the signature red hair that she was sporting was in fact a wig, and that she had already shaved her head.

After this summer’s runaway success of Guardians of the Galaxy one would not expect any more histrionics from Karen, as the film helped push the characters and actors into the A-list.  Instead Karen will likely be the main headliner among the remainder of the celebrity guests, of which there are usually about ten.

One comment

  • What the hell was with that part where she was like “He’s a shit, but you are too, BITCH!” then she cut her own arm off and fell on a space ship.

    Is she a robot or whatever? It reminded me of that old TV ad “I can cut my arm off, but you can’t. Play safe.”