Review: Aquaman and the Others #8

aato 007 - covOut of the success of the Aquaman series came the most unlikely series to hit DC Comics in years.  After years of being a punchline to superhero jokes, the new 52 Aquaman proved that the character has the mettle to stand alongside the other greats in the DC Comics universe, and was rewarded with something that mostly only Superman and Batman have been capable of, holding down a second monthly series.  Instead of a standalone series, the action here focuses on Aquaman and his team of Others, sort of like a modern version of Batman and the Outsiders, the series born out of fictional conflict in the Justice League of America in the early 1980s.

The comparison to the Outsiders is actually somewhat apt, and this issue illustrates why.  Through a collection of mostly second rate heroes, the team is built around a lone well-known hero, and it is through this hero that the series inevitably succeeds or fails, despite the intriguing aspects of the other characters.  So while Ya’wara or Vostok might be interesting by themselves, it doesn’t matter so much becaue it is still up to Aquaman to carry this series.  Unfortunately though for this particular issue another comparison to the 1980s Outsiders is evident and that is of the late Silver-Age-like story here.  The succession of events plays out in a sometimes too forced and sometimes too coincidental manner.

The resulting story ends up being somewhat devoid of originality.  While it is a good attempt in parts to put some tension into the series, there is a bit too much of disinterest in the overall scheme of the villains or of the conflict among the heroes.  It ends up feeling amateurish, which is a shame, as both Aquaman and his supporting characters can be put to better use than this.

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Lan Medina
Story: 6.0  Art: 7.5 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

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