Dynamite Comics to Comicsfix

ipad-app-main-pageIt’s been a few weeks since they quietly debuted but it has been officially announced that Dynamite Entertainment has signed with Comicsfix to bring their comics to the subscription-based digital platform. Comicsfix gives readers access to unlimited comic book titles and graphic novels for a monthly price.

Dynamite’s library of popular titles currently available on Comicsfix includes: the first two volumes of The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson; Legends of Red Sonja with Gail Simone; Project Superpowers, featuring covers by Alex Ross; The Blood Queen; Pathfinder, based on the best-selling Paizo RPG; the Bob’s Burgers comic book based on the Emmy award-winning television program; Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet; Zorro; Vampirella Strikes; the first volume of Evil Ernie; Battlestar Galactica; The Twilight Zone; and the all-ages Lil’ Dynamites series by Art Baltazar and Franco. More Dynamite single issues and full series will be added every week. The steady flow of comic book additions will support Comicsfix’s ongoing efforts to promote the latest way to read digital comics to new and returning readers alike.

Comicsfix is one of the numerous digital platforms that have launched in the last few months. These new platforms do away with the current pay for each individual comic model, instead attempting to build off of different revenue systems. Comicsfix is a pay a low monthly few, while others are attempting to build off of advertising.

Dynamite is the highest profile publisher so far to make their comics available on Comicsfix.