Review: Cloaks #3

Cloaks_003_coverASo far in the series the story has been a little all over the place.  First the unconventional main character was introduced, but no sooner than that had happened than he was recruited into a spy agency and sent after the only other relevant character that had been introduced.  This forced the character and the story into a bit of a tailspin, with week-long montages taking up equal parts of panels with those containing seemingly meaningless conversations.  While it has been a bit reckless in its presentation, with this third issue it is at least now apparent that the second issue was the anomaly, as though the creative team knew that they had to cram in as much character development and back story as they could in this short series to get the entire story told.

The third issue is a lot more grounded, still a little rushed at times, but it makes up for the breakneck second issue.  As the story unfolds, the team is now looking for the main bad villain.  This unfolds in a number of sequences where the hero successfully deduces people that the she is trying to kidnap.  This unfolds in a much more natural way than the fashion that the story was forced through in the second issue.  As this occurs each of the targets is also assaulted by a distinctly different individual, people channelling natural abilities to be almost superhuman.    The issue focuses mostly on these conflicts and then ends on enough of a cliffhanger for the final issue.

Those that had given up on this series in either the first or second issue might want to consider having another look at this series at this point.  The first issue did not follow through in content and theme to the second issue, and the second issue had its own issues in its pacing.  Now in the third issue, the series seems to have found its heart again, but it will inherently be up to the fourth issue to see if the entire experience is worthwhile or not.  At least here at the end of the third issue there is some hope for how this could turn out.

Story: Caleb Monroe  Art: Mariano Navarro
Story: 7.8 Art: 7.8 Overall: 7.8 Recommendation: Read

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