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Review: Blood Queen #6

blood queen 6The new Dynamite series Blood Queen had been one of my surprise finds from the past year.  Not having received a lot of press or attention, the series nonetheless seemed to have a new story to tell, or at least a twist on an old one.  With seemingly no other ties to other fairy tales or fantastical worlds, the series sought to tell a new tory in old grounds, and for a time was at least doing well.  Generally speaking I am not the type that looks forward to solicitations to find out what will be happening in the coming months in comics.  If I had though, it maybe wouldn’t have been as much of a surprise to me that this was the final issue of the series, presumably cancelled due to low sales.

Up until now the series was careful to introduce characters slowly and while there was some misdirection in the plot it was no more than most series that try to build some mystery.  Unfortunately while this has been present throughout the series thus far, this final issue gets the same unfortunate treatment of most series that suffered rapid cancellations.  Instead of finishing the smaller part of the story that the creative team was getting at, it tries to complete the entire picture, taking what was presumably several months, if not years, worth of plot and cramming it into a single issue.  Because of this everything in this issue seems rushed and if the eventual conclusion of this series was to tie it into the story of Snow White, then it seemed to be an afterthought.

The end result is an issue which stands apart from the others in this short series for its lack of quality, though for reasons which are maybe partially understandable.  While those fans of the series might want to read this just for completion, the rushed manner in which it gets to the end is not worthy of the previous issues.  Instead the reader is left thinking what could have been, but without answers.

Story: Troy Brownfield Art: Fritz Casas

Story: 5.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 5.0 Recommendation: Pass

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review

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