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Comic Pros Speak Out on Ferguson

With news locked down, reporters being arrested, air travel over the area blocked, and protests being met with guns and a militarized police, Ferguson, Missouri should be the center of national outrage and discussion after the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The discussion that’s lacking in national media is instead being held on social media being passed along from eye-witness accounts on the ground. While a city is in chaos numerous “comic professionals” took to Twitter to raise awareness, and vent their frustration at absent leadership, and heavy-handed military response police.

Below is a sampling of the stream that filled our feed. We want to thank everyone who is speaking up and standing up for justice. Many individuals don’t like to mix politics and business and as many use their Twitter feeds mostly for business, they are putting themselves out there.

There’s not many things that are clearly right and wrong, this is one of those few instances when things are pretty clear. If you’re unaware what’s going on, please just do some simple Googling, get educated, speak out, and get involved.

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